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Embracing technology has become a cornerstone of teaching in recent years.  Below is an optional list of apps that can be used to practice a variety of speech/language needs.  I recommend choosing apps based on your child’s area(s) of need… or feel free to ask me for a suggestion!





Phonics Studio (Grasshopper Apps)

Practice articulation/sound production with realistic pictures

Super Duper Inc. apps on the following website:

Includes a variety of free apps as well as low-cost apps, with a focus on speaking and listening skills. Choose apps based on your child’s area(s) of need

Autism iHelp- Same and Different

For identifying same/different

Autism iHelp- Language Concepts

Example: Point to the one that is hot/small/dry, etc.

Autism iHelp- Comprehension

Following simple directions, such as “Place the star on the umbrella”

Autism iHelp- Comparatives and Superlatives

Example: big, bigger, biggest

Describe It Lite (SLP) – Synapse Apps, LLC

Practice describing by features such as color, shape, size, use. There are also two games: PASS IT (similar to “Catchphrase” where there are two groups that try and describe the item pictured to their teammates) and GUESS IT (allows you to touch clues and guess what is behind a secret card)

Sock Puppets (Smith Micro Software, Inc)

A fun way to practice speech sounds! A maximum of four characters can be added to each scene—the puppets lip sync you! Each person picks a sock puppet, anduses a list of words withtarget speech sounds to generate the dialogue.Win bonus points (worth nothing) if they can use the props and scenery with their speech sounds, too. After a recording, you can play it back and count the number of correct productions that were made, along with gaining more awareness of any continued mistakes. [Be sure to turn off in-app purchases before you let kids use independently]

Action Words (Innovative Mobile Apps)

This app includes over 100 action pictures—children can identify the action given a variety of pictures (e.g., Who is jumping?). Or you can use this app to practice grammar and sentence production skills—“He is eating ice cream.” “She is sleeping on the couch.”

Pocket Pond 2

A life-like pond with fish… touch the water and it sounds realistic. Many children enjoy this app for a quick break!

Mad Libs (Penguin Group USA)

Useful for children who are practicing using their sounds accurately spontaneously—they should self-monitor that they are using sounds correctly while coming up with words and repeating or reading the passage they help create

What’s Diff 1 (MyFirstApp Ltd.)

Find the one that is different

Sorting Game (MyFirstApp Ltd)

Sort toys on shelves based on what category they are in




Fun with Directions Lite (Hamaguchi Apps)   

Fun and engaging way to practice listening and following directions ranging from simple to complex directions.

More Fun with Directions Lite (Hamaguchi Apps)

Directions with a focus on two concepts: “behind” and “put in.”

Pronouns with Splingo

Enjoy adventures with Splingo, the speech and language alien! This app works on the following pronouns: he, she, they, I, we, him, her, them, me, us, his, hers, theirs, mine, our.

Splingo’s Language Universe

Contains instructions at four different levels:

-With 1 main word (e.g., Find the apple)

-With 2 main words (e.g., Find the red apple)

-With 3 main words (e.g., Find the big red apple)

-With 4 main words (e.g., Give the big red apple to the boy)

WH Questions at Home (Fun Deck) (Super Duper Publications)

Work on social skills and answering basic WH questions (who, what, where, etc.) and have children ask and answer questions about all aspects of home life.

You’re the Storyteller: The Surprise (Home Edition) HD (Hamaguchi Apps for Speech, Language & Auditory Development)

In this app, the user records the dialogue for a cute animated story, so the app is excellent for practice with retelling stories, sequencing, grammar, and using speech sounds correctly when telling stories. Before each recording, remind your child what to listen for (a certain pronoun, include beginning/middle/end, a certain speech sound). Record, then discuss performance at the end.

Language Lab: ing Verbs + Prepositions (Doonan Speech Therapy)

This app has short (less than 5 seconds) videos of short phrases including an –ing verb and preposition (e.g., getting in, playing under, sleeping on). You can go to “Phrase list” and choose certain phrases, or use them all. Practice grammar by having your child expand the sentence to include a subject, verb, and if appropriate, a prepositional phrase (e.g., She is getting in the pool).

Vocabulary and Grammar ! Language (Tribal Nova apps)—also available in Spanish

Vocabulary, listening comprehension/following directions, and sentence formation

Categories from I Can Do Apps

Practice categorization skills to develop associations and connections between concepts

Following Directions from I Can Do Apps

Simple directions to complex two step directions that target concepts such as first, then, before, after.

Associations from I Can Do Apps

Make associations between words (e.g., which pictures go together/ which does not belong)

Yes/No Questions from I Can Do Apps

Questions are presented verbally and in writing and include answering questions about objects, color, shape, categories, verbs, features, and comparisons

Speech with Milo: Sequencing

Put three cards in order to show Milo and Melvin performing a task and if you’d like, play the animation showing the sequence of events

Speech with Milo: Prepositions (also available in Spanish)


Works on 23 basic location concepts (e.g., inside, above, behind)

Speech with Milo: Verbs (also available in Spanish)

Works on over 100 actions such as bounce, count, and play.

Bag Game (all4mychild)

Similar to “20 Questions,” this app provides many levels of difficulty to work on asking questions, describing, reasoning skills such as same/different

Charades Articulation

Has over 1000 sound-specific articulation words to target the following speech sounds: S, Z, R, L, S/R/L BLENDS, SH, CH, TH

The R App

Practice the different /r/ sounds at home

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