Kindergarten FAQs

Kindergarten Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

General Questions

1. Can I/we visit the Early Learning Center to see the classrooms/building?
Yes, we have several opportunities for families to visit. Please continue to check the kindergarten information page for updates.

2. How many students will be in my child’s class?
The average kindergarten class has approximately 20 students.

3. My child will be 5 on October 5th, but is extremely bright—could I register him for this year?
No, all children who live within the PASD boundaries and will be 5 years old on or before September 30 of the upcoming school year are eligible and welcome to register for Kindergarten.

4. My child has food allergies—how will that be handled in the classroom/cafeteria?
Many of our classrooms are nut free. We also have a nut free table in our dining room. Please communicate any specific allergy related information to our school nurses. Our nursing team will discuss individual student needs with families and plan accordingly. 

5. Is there a half-day option?
No, we provide a full day kindergarten experience for all students. 

6. My child is extremely shy, is it possible to place him in a class with his friend?
One of the many wonderful components of kindergarten is the opportunity for students to interact and play in new and exciting ways! Our dedicated teachers facilitate many experiences throughout the day to assist our students in developing relationships. Our counseling department also supports these efforts.

7. I am concerned there will be too much emphasis on academics and not enough time for my child to be a child and play.
Kindergarten students will have many opportunities throughout the school day to explore and play! All kindergarten students will have a 30-minute recess, a 15-minute gross motor break, and structured movement breaks (also known as brain breaks) throughout the day. In addition, many of our kindergarten special area classes provide students with an opportunity to learn in unique and fun ways. We recognize the importance of nurturing the whole-child, and our full day models provides a wide variety of learning experiences for all students. 

8. Will there be an orientation day prior to the start of school?
Yes, more information regarding kindergarten transitional experiences will be provided later.

9. Can I choose my child's teacher?
Unfortunately, we are unable to honor specific teacher requests. However, please rest assured that all our kindergarten staff are uniquely qualified to educate our young learners. 

10. How does arrival and dismissal work?
We have a comprehensive arrival and dismissal process that is supervised by many staff members. Car riders arrive in the front of the building (off Pothouse Road). Bus riders arrive in the back of the building (the bus loop). Students are directed to their classrooms.

11. Will someone help my child in the cafeteria?
Our cafeteria and recess aides supervise this daily experience and will help students as needed. We recognize that for many of our young learners this may be their first experience eating in a large group setting. Our staff members work hard to help them understand the expectations, while also ensuring that they are safe and comfortable. 

12. What if my child is hurt at school? Or on the playground?
We have a dedicated team of nurses available who will assess and treat students based on their specific needs.


1. What information is required on the document that is provided for Proof of  Residency?
Your name, current address, and current date must be visible on the 

2. How do I prove I live in Phoenixville if I live with another family in the area and do not have any bills in my name?
At least two of the three evidence items listed above must be provided. If you 
are unable to provide the required information, the parent/legal guardian must 
complete the Multiple Occupancy Form.  There are two pages to complete: 

• Page 1: Resident (Property Provider)
The Resident of the property must submit a utility bill (PECO or cable bill), valid 
driver’s license, and one other form of identification (car registration, bank 
statement and other acceptable documents that are listed on the form)

• Page 2:  Occupant (Parent/Legal Guardian and Child(ren)
In addition to completing this page, you must provide a valid form of 
identification AND Proof of Residency in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania within 30 
days. Proof of Residency includes a valid driver’s license, valid vehicle 
registration, current vehicle insurance, bank statement or recent paycheck stub 
with your Phoenixville address.

3. How can I submit completed documents?
Parents/guardians may bring their documents to be reviewed to the district 
administration building located at 386 City Line Ave, Phoenixville, PA. Contactless envelopes and a secure dropbox are available for your use.

4. Is there an online registration option?
Yes! The entire registration process can be completed online. Parents/guardians are not required to register in person


1. How do the teachers/staff know what bus my child rides in the afternoon?
Your child will be provided with a backpack tag which you will receive in the mail from the school the week before school starts.  The backpack tag has your child’s name and teachers name on one side and the other side reflects their afternoon dismissal information (bus #, walker or car rider, etc…).  This tag remains on their backpack throughout the school year.

2. In the afternoon, does my kindergartener need to be met at their bus stop?
Yes! District policy requires that each kindergartner be met by an adult at the stop. This rule applies only to kindergarteners. If an adult is not present, transportation will attempt to contact you.  In most cases, the student will be taken to the bus depot where you can meet them.  

3. What should I do if my child does not get off the bus at home in the afternoon?  
If your child does not arrive home in the afternoon, the first step should be to contact the school to see if your child is still at school. If he/she is not at the school, call the bus depot at 610-983-0556.  

4. Will my kindergartener ride the bus with older children? 
Yes. Elementary students (grades K-5) ride the bus together.

5. Are there assigned seats on the bus?
Assigned seats on the bus are at the discretion of the bus driver.

6. Where will my kindergartener sit on the bus?
In most cases, kindergarteners sit in the front seats of the bus.

7. Why is my child's bus late?  
Weather, traffic, driver absenteeism, maintenance difficulties and unforeseen incidents are responsible for delays in arrival of school buses. Please know that we do everything humanly possible to have all buses running on schedule each and every day. In the event your bus does not arrive as scheduled, you can contact the bus depot at 610-983-0556.  Please allow 10 minutes before calling.  Transportation will send a Skylert message to parents/guardians when the bus is running behind schedule more than 20 minutes.

8. Is there a lost and found?
Items left on the bus are kept onboard or at the bus depot.  If you’re looking for a lost item, please call the bus depot at 610-983-0556.

9. Why can't the bus come into my subdivision or cul-de-sac?  
Buses generally come in various lengths, widths, heights and weights. The length and turn radius are what limits a school bus's ability to maneuver in cul-de-sacs and tight places. Most subdivisions are not designed with school bus transportation in mind. 

10. Why does my child have to be at the bus stop ten minutes before the pickup time?  
There are many factors that may affect the time a driver arrives at a given stop. Daily traffic patterns and student loads are unpredictable and may cause a driver's time to vary. These situations, plus differences in clock times have proven over the years that arriving 10 minutes early gives a student an adequate window of time to ensure they catch the bus.

11. Why do some children have to cross the street to board the bus?  
We are not able to route buses so that all children can board the bus on the door side. We suggest that children wait on the side of the street where they reside. The bus will stop traffic in all directions to accommodate students that need to cross the street.

12. What are the rules for riding the school bus?  
The rules are posted on the district website under Transportation.  Your child’s Principal, Teachers and Bus Drivers spend time at the beginning of each year explaining the bus rules to the students. Keep in mind the rules are all about safety. Help keep your student safe by supporting our efforts.

13. Who do I contact if I need to change my child’s bus stop? 
You would need to send in a written request (email) to Lisa Yeager in the Transportation Department. Please indicate the student’s name, school, route number, requested stop location and the reason for the request. Upon receiving the request, the Transportation Department will respond in a timely manner. Responses to change requests are answered in the order received.  Please keep in mind that any route changes may take 3-5 student days for the change to go into effect.
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